Our establishment can be found in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. We excel in delivering professional and extensive legal services, solutions, and legal representations to individuals in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and various other states in Malaysia. Our core values revolve around courage, dedication, and justice.


We're on a mission to change the way the housing market works. Rather than offering one service or another, we want to combine as many and make our clients' lives easy and carefree. Our goal is to match our clients with the perfect properties that fit their tastes, needs, and budgets.

We want to live in a world where people can buy homes that match their needs, rather than having to find a compromise and settle on the second-best option. That's why we take a lot of time and care in getting to know our clients from the moment they reach out to us and ask for our help.



Senior Partner

‘Ammar Bin Ghalip successfully obtained an LL.B (Hons) law degree from the prestigious International Islamic University Of Malaysia in 2013. Shortly thereafter, in August 2014, he was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. His professional journey commenced at Messrs Bhag Sulaiman & Co, where he had the privilege of being mentored by the esteemed late Mr Bhag Singh. During this time, ‘Ammar gained comprehensive exposure to various areas of law, notably specializing in Defamation laws.

In 2017, ‘Ammar made a significant career move to join the esteemed lawfirm of Messrs Amin-Tan & Co. Here, he assumed the role of head of the General Litigation department, allowing him to further broaden his knowledge and proficiency in matters related to litigation. Demonstrating his legal acumen, he successfully handled a myriad of highprofile cases encompassing both Criminal and Civil matters in Malaysia.

Motivated by his insatiable appetite for growth, ‘Ammar embarked on a new chapter in 2023 by joining the reputable firm of Messrs Hafiz Norkhan & Co. With this transition, he aims to expand his legal horizons and push the boundaries of his capabilities, taking on fresh challenges with unwavering determination and dedication.

‘Ammar is a multifaceted individual who finds joy in various hobbies. One of his greatest passions is playing football and futsal. He thrives on the adrenaline and camaraderie that come with being on the field.

As a lawyer, ‘Ammar aspirations reach beyond the confines of the courtroom. With a deep sense of purpose, he seeks to uphold justice and make a lasting impact on society. Guided by unwavering integrity and a commitment to serving the greater good. Ammar is driven by a strong desire to give voice to the voiceless. He envisions using his legal expertise to provide legal aid and representation to marginalized individuals and communities who lack the resources to assert their rights. Ammar's ultimate aspiration is to be a trusted advisor and advocate for his clients. He envisions building meaningful and long-lasting relationships based on trust, empathy, and professionalism. By providing sound legal advice and strategic guidance, he aims to protect his clients' interests, navigate complex legal challenges, and achieve favorable outcomes.

Founder. Managing Partner

Read law and graduated from University of Northumbria UK in 2004, upon returning joined Messrs. John & Associates holding the position of Legal Assistant from year 2005 to 2009, thereafter ventured as free-lance legal researcher in providing legal research and pleading drafting for a few legal firms from 2009 to 2012:-

Firms that had requested service :-

•Messrs. Alahakone & Associates, Bangsar, Wisma UOA • Messrs. Sumathi Shanmugam & Co, Mont Kiara, KL • Messrs. Shaw & Co, Jalan Raja Chulan, KL. • Messrs. P. Sevam & Associates, Sentul, KL • Messrs. John & Associates, Kuchai Lama, KL • Messrs. Nashir, Johar & Co, Kelana Jaya, Selangor • Messrs. H.N.Lim, Taman Maluri, KL. • Messrs. Bhag Sulaiman & Co, Wisma Selangor, KL • Chambers of Kisho Kumar, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, KL • Messrs Sharmini Krishnan & Associates, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Later joined a consultancy firm, KNM Consulting Servise as Head of Legal from 2013- 2014, then for a short stint with Messrs S.P Muthu Veloo before venturing back as a free lance legal researcher until meet with Mr. Hafiz, which led to the formation of Messrs Hafiz Norkhan & Co. Skills From the vast experience had developed excellent facts analysis, forwarding cases and legal research.

Significantly helped legal firms to forward further their cases and have few reported case in the law journals from the expertise given to the law firms. Hobbies Antique, Old coin and pen collections. Aspiration To fine tune the loud music in the law and shape the unshaped law together with Messrs Hafiz Norkhan & Co

Staff Attorney
Business Development Manager
Human Resource Manager